Become an Approved Training Facility/Testing Center

NCEA Approved Training Facilities (ATF) provide the Certification Prep Class to prepare candidates for the NCEA Certified examination. An ATF located in an undergraduate facility may now provide on-site proctored testing for their student candidates. The ATF’s computer lab must meet the requirements found in the ATF/Testing Center agreement. (Download agreement below)

NCEA Prep Class

A NCEA Certification prep class provides an interactive study group that allows the candidate to further their knowledge development. Its an excellent way to "brush-up" on skills, develop a nurturing mentor relationship with their instructor, and provides more interaction than if the candidate only used the self-study method.

Utilizing the training manual format, the instructor will review study objectives and knowledge reviews, provide interactive verbal quizzes, and conclude the class with a sample written test. This sample test provides the candidate with an overview of how a test question will appear on the examination.


NCEA Curriculums

  • 7 Hour Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Curriculum
  • 14 Hour Microdermabrasion Curriculum
  • 21 Hour Chemical Exfoliation Curriculum
  • 42 Hour Laser and Light Therapy Curriculum 

As a NCEA Approved Training Facility, you will have the option of offering these NCEA courses at your facility. The hands-on portion of the curriculums have been purposely left open for your facility to use the device(s)/product(s) that you choose.


NCEA Recertification Class

ReCertification is required three (3) years from the date of expiration of NCEA Certified certificate.  An NCEA Certified professional is responsible for completion of the ReCertification Application requirements, including completion of (1)  ReCertification Section.

These NCEA ReCertification Sections are an interactive section that will guide their learning and it will take a place in their professional library for future reference. Each section includes 30 Study Objectives, 3 Self Assessments and a Knowledge Review. The Instructor ppt. takes the learner through the section objectives, self asessments and knowledge reviews. 

1. Alternative Therapies    

  • Ayurveda
  • Sound Therapies
  • Reiki

2. Medical Esthetics

  • Medical Esthetic Career Opportunities
  • Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Medical Spa
  • Estheticians' Role in Laser & Light Therapy  

3. Laser & Light Therapies

  • Laser Physics and Laser Safety
  • FDA Device Classification and Laser Hazard Classes
  • Client Medical & Lifestyle History, Consultation, Documentation and Skin Evaluation


NOTE:  Any facility that advertises they use a NCEA Curriculum Outline or NCEA Recertification Section must be a NCEA Approved Training Facility


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